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(Video) ‘Rage Shake’ And ‘Finally’? Check Out These Instagram’s New Features!

One could argue that Instagram is unlike any other social media platform. The platform is nearly exclusively based on sharing photos and videos rather than words. Instagram has become a cultural force as a result of this aesthetic twist.

What’s more, Instagram has a lot of cool features. Instagram has a lot of features, including:

Recently, there’s been an addition to the Instagram feature family. ‘Rage Shake’ is one of two new Instagram features that have been implemented to improve users’ experience.

On Wednesday, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri happily revealed the platform’s new “anger shake” function, which he claims will allow users to report concerns with the app with only a shake. According to Mosseri, fury shakes will enable the company in prioritising bugs and other issues on Instagram.

So here’s how the new feature works. So you literally just need to shake your phone and an option to report your problem will pop up on your screen. So you just explain and rant exactly what issue you are facing with the application. Then the application will have someone to look into the issue you have stated and figure out a bug or anything fixing the issue on your Instagram. This feature is both available for IOS and Android.

Picture: Digital Information World

I’m sure we’ve all experienced times when Instagram just didn’t work the way it was supposed to! Perhaps the Stories aren’t loading, the audio isn’t functioning, or you just can’t add a photo. And all of this leads to one thing: stress. Now, with the new Rage Shake function, you can really shake your phone and a small choice will appear, allowing you to report an issue. The feature’s name, I suppose, says it all.

“Rage” is a strong word, specifically referring to violent and uncontrolled anger. Although this function appears to be entertaining, it may encourage users to shake their phones violently, perhaps resulting in unintended consequences such as a shattered phone or an injured person.

Since we’re talking about Instagram features, the second new feature of Instagram is the ‘Finally’ feature and this has got to be the ones we’ve all been hoping to have. The option to delete a single image from a photo carousel is the final feature. It’s something people have been clamoring for, according to Adam Mosseri, and the firm has now gotten around to providing it.

Picture: Social Media Today

Let’s face it, sometimes we have that one bad picture that we want to remove so badly but can’t because we will have to delete the entire photo carousel and reposting the photos is really too much work. With the new feature, you can now delete specific postings from a series by touching on the three dots menu, selecting ‘Edit,’ and then tapping on the small trash icon at the top left of the image or video you wish to delete.

So check out these two amazing latest features on Instagram today!

Sources: Adam Mosseri, Influencer Marketing Hub, Gizmodo, Hype Beast, The Verge, Social Media Today

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