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TGV Offers Guests A Royale Treatment To Celebrate 1 Million Admissions

KUALA LUMPUR, 30 November 2021: In just over 8 weeks of re-opening, TGV has welcomed back over 1 million Malaysians to rediscover the magic of movies on the big screen, reaffirming that cinemas are still very much-loved post-pandemic and people are coming back with confidence!

To commemorate this milestone – TGV’s MovieClub Members will be rewarded with Malaysia’s favourite cinema popcorn, with each member offered a FREE Royale Popcorn combo when they watch a movie on 2nd December 2021across all TGV cinemas nationwide!

For all members who have purchased a ticket on this special day, a FREE Royale combo will be credited into their membership accounts by 4th of December. Membership to the program is free and only takes a few minutes to join!

Amongst the 1 Million guests, there have been celebrities and health professionals who unanimously endorse TGV’s cinema safety SOPs and the big screen experience. TV host and actor, Mark O’ Dea felt glad that the cinemas have re-opened. “We have to start getting back to the normal way of life and it is good to see so many venues like TGV Cinemas getting things running again!” he said. Malaysian celebrity doctor, Dr. Shazril said “I have always been a movie-goer with my wife. Now that cinemas have re-opened, I do feel safe and secure knowing that the cinemas are taking extra measures like social distancing, regular sanitisation and having fully vaccinated staffs.”

Mohit Bhargava, TGV General Manager Sales & Marketing said, “We have reached this milestone in a short while considering we are operating with seating capacity restrictions and are still unable to welcome back children & families back to cinemas. Whilst we are delighted by this milestone, at the same time, we remain overwhelmed by customer feedback from guests wanting to bring their children to cinemas especially leading into the holiday season. Malaysian families love the TGV Cinema Experience and cannot seem to understand why they can take their children to restaurants & theme parks but not the cinemas. We wish to assure our guests that this is something we are working on closely with the government authorities to review and hope to share some positive news soon.”

With major blockbusters such as Spider-Man No Way Home, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, The Matrix Resurrections & The King’s Man all releasing in December, Malaysians are spoilt for choice as they return to enjoy Blockbuster Stories being told the way they were meant to be, on the BIG SCREEN.

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