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The ‘Tyrannophone’ iPhone Casing That Comes With An Actual T-Rex Tooth Fossil

Getting a phone is one thing but to compliment the phone you need a casing. Phone covers and cases are plenty everywhere you look, and the market has become so crowded that makers of phone cases are obliged to go outside the box to come up with the next eye-catching design.

Sometimes the wager pays off handsomely; other times, something strange and unexpected emerges. Each of these phone covers has a distinct selling point that will likely appeal to a limited segment of the case-buying public. One of the most notable casing would be the iPhone, they come in all sorts of shape, sizes, colors, design, material, and many more that makes them so unique. Recently, the craziest design was introduced.

“Tera” is the name of Caviar’s new collection, which means “marvel, monster” in Ancient Greek. That’s why Caviar’s new design for the 1 Terabyte iPhone 13 Pro is called after the world’s most iconic monster, the T-Rex.

Picture: Mashable

Caviar, a Russian luxury goods brand, has revealed its next idea for those prepared to pay exorbitant prices for a special iPhone. The iPhone 13 Pro Tyrannophone features a tooth piece from an 80 million-year-old T-Rex. A Monsterphone with a reinforced titanium panel and a Teradiamond variant with 1,024 diamonds on the back are also available in the new Tera series.

The Tyrannophone, created by premium case maker Caviar, is obviously all about the T-Rex, but the dino’s head on the iPhone’s back is unique in several respects. First and foremost, it is a 3D volumetric sculpture made of titanium with a black PVD finish, not merely a picture.

The dinosaur’s eye is genuine amber, and one of its teeth is a chunk of a genuine 80-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus tooth, according to Caviar. It’s unclear where (or, more accurately, who) this tooth came from. For good measure, there are also gold-plated jewelry inserts.

Picture: Luxury Launches

There’s only one tooth in the T. rex skull design, and it’s a portion of a real tooth, so it’s not like you’re receiving an entire dinosaur tooth. It is, nonetheless, the thought that counts. To terrify your business rivals, you can still caress this phone in front of them, tap your fingertip on the teeth, and make low growling noises.

The internals of the Tyrannophone, as intimidating as they appear, are identical to those of the normal iPhone 13 Pro. However, the Tyrannophone only has one storage capacity: 1TB. The T-Rex iPhone is a very limited edition gadget, with only 7 being made. The price for such a piece is as lavish as you’d expect: US$8,610 per piece. Caviar can provide you with a Tyrannophone.

So if you’re a die-hard dino fan and also an iPhone user, this casing might be the perfect gift for yourself!

Sources: Caviar, Mashable SE Asia, Cnet, GSM Arena

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