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(Video) Adorable Anime Transitions With Dad And His Son, Netizens Loving Them

For some people in this whole wide world, they always assume that they might have to stop doing and admiring what they love at the moment once they have children of their own. One of the examples would be to love watching anime during their leisure time. This is because people would assume that watching anime is so childish. As the matter of fact, the statement is completely wrong because admiring anime does not change who that person and the character.

Same as this man that went viral because of his videos that he posted on the TikTok app recently. In the video, it can be seen that the man is doing some sort of collaboration with his own son to produce an adorable anime transition in all the videos. The posted videos start with a man and also his children then drastically change into an anime scene.

@kingzchickyAnime transition with my boy 🤪 #animetransition♬ Originalton – Dave Ardito

@kingzchickyAnime transition with my boy p.2 🤪 ##anime ##animetransition ##naruto ##dragonball ##fullmetalalchemist ##onepiece ##trending ##xuhuong♬ Originalton – Dave Ardito

@kingzchickyAnime transition with my boy p.3 🤪##anime ##animetransition ##animeedit ##dragonball ##vegeta ##xuhuong ##trending♬ Omae Wa Mou – deadman 死人

Looking at the comments section, a lot of netizens are so amazed by the talent that the dad has. They also feel that it is so adorable to include his own son in all of the videos. All in all, many netizens online really love the posted videos.

Picture: TikTok kingzchicky

Picture: TikTok kingzchicky

Picture: TikTok kingzchicky

Sources: TikTok kingzchicky.

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