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(Video) Alert About These Signs That Show Your Kindness Is Taken For Granted

Being kind has no negative connotations. It’s a lovely thing to help friends, support family, and discover methods to get along with others. However, there is such a thing as being too nice, and it comes with a slew of drawbacks.

Many people nowadays are looking to form meaningful friendships with other people in order to become healthier and happier. It’s crucial to realize, though, that many friendships that people try to form might be toxic. Even if this thought hasn’t occurred to you, it’s still a good idea to keep aware and secure with these symptoms.

1. Emotional Abuse

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Emotional abuse is when someone uses their emotions to control, humiliate, shame, blame, or otherwise manipulate another person. It’s also one of the most difficult forms of abuse to spot. One way of emotional abuse is when someone says or does things that constantly hurts your feelings. The pain is not physical but internally, emotional abuse can be exhausting.

2. Ignoring Boundaries

Picture: Exploring Your Mind

Someone who takes advantage of you is more than likely to disregard the limits you’ve established. They ignore your boundaries and continue to press you to be generous for their own gain. If this continues, you are allowing others to dictate how you should think, behave, and feel. It also implies that you prefer to spend your time and energy doing what others want you to accomplish rather than what you truly desire.

3. Selective Attention

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The process that allow an individual to select and focus on certain input is referred to as selective attention. This can be a challenging trait to master because selective attention allows people to ignore you when they don’t need your help but then come after you when they do. The yo-yo relationship is another name for this type of partnership. A yo-yo will come and go according to their needs, and once the task is completed, they will vanish. If you have people like this in your life, make your limits plain to them and set a limit with them.

4. Constant Judgement

Picture: Times of India

Some people have a tendency to pass harsh judgment. They literally pass judgment on everything about you, even if nothing is wrong with it. Such people are so narrow-minded and self-centered that they enjoy making disparaging remarks about others. If you have good qualities and positive characteristics, you become a threat to them, and they will strive to bring you down in any way they can.

5. Guilt Baiting

Picture: Fabiosa

Guilt is a formidable weapon, and many individuals are skilled at wielding it. Someone who wishes to remove rid of the boundaries and values you’ve established will utilize this strategy. Guilt baiting entails individuals condemning you for no reason and focusing on your weak places. The idea is to hold you accountable for their happiness, success, failure, and everything else that occurs to them.

6. Victimhood

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Victimhood, like guilt-baiting, is when someone pretends to be a victim in order to take advantage of your goodwill. To make this feature work, a person will act innocent, helpless, or weak in order to convince you that they require your assistance. It will be difficult to detect at first, but once you do, it will be much easy to figure out their motivations.

Sources: Psych2Go, Very Well Mind, Harley Therapy, Reader’s Blog, Healthline

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