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(Video) Awesome Lip Balm Hobby Led 6 Year Old To Guinness World Record Holder

Some people devote their entire lives to amassing a collection worthy of inclusion in the Guinness Book of Records. Some people collect a wide range of artefacts, including postal stamps, money, and dolls, as well as more unusual items like depression glass, oil cans, and vintage artwork.

The collection is considered an art or some might say passion. Perhaps some people are just as crazy enough to make a collection right enough to fit into the world of recognition. This one girl, on the other hand, accomplished the feat at the tender age of six.’

Meet Scarlett Ashley Cheng. A young girl who is obsessed with lip balm, hence she and her sister, Kaylyn, have the world’s greatest collection, with 3,388 different varieties. Lip balms of various varieties, colours, textures, and forms are available from well-known brands such as Burt’s Bees, Eos, Humble, and Nivea, as well as some lesser-known names. Scarlett and her sister, like most children, discovered lip balms when their lips were dry. Their grandma first exposed them to balms, and they fell down the rabbit hole from there.

It all started when she was a kid with chapped lips. Scarlett’s parents and grandmother used to apply lip balms to her lips on a daily basis to keep them moisturised. When she was younger, they were plain and unflavored, but as she grew older, she began to experiment with different flavours.

Picture: Guinness World Records

Lip balms of various varieties, colours, textures, shapes, and functions are included in the collection. Because of the way they appear, taste, and feel, collecting lip balms has become one of Scarlett’s hobbies in recent years.

Picture: Guinness World Records

The sisters applied for the record with the support of their parents to demonstrate how having targets and goals can make life more meaningful. Obtaining the Guinness World Records title, according to the family, is a unique and unforgettable achievement.

Scarlett believes that keeping lovely things will offer her joy and pleasure. Aside from collecting, Scarlett and her sisters Kaylyn like making organic lip balms at home and giving them as gifts to family and friends.

Sources: Oddity Central, Guinness World Record, Pipa News

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