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(Video) Before Making The Decision, Here Are 3 Resignation Facts You Should Know

Resignation is actually known as the formal act of leaving or even quitting one’s office or position. A resignation can occur when a person holding a position gained by election or appointment steps down, but not to be confused leaving a position upon the expiration of a term, or choosing not to seek an additional term, is do not considered resignation.

Before making the important decision of resigning from work, you definitely have to know all these 3 important resignation facts so that you will never be confused before, during, and also after the resignation process. These facts are explained in detail by this man that posted the video about the facts and went viral on the TikTok app recently.

@kerjajerAnswer to @4rifh Fakta resignation yang perlu kita tahu #kerjajer♬ original sound – Kerjajer with Azmil

3 important resignation facts:

1) No Reasons Required

There is actually no need for you to explain in detail the reason why you wanted to resign from the job. If you were asked by the employer, you can just explain the reason for your resignation in general. Do not need to overshare.

2) Employer Can’t Reject

The employer could never reject our own resignation letter. This is because the form that we submitted is a notice of our resignation and it is not a form to apply for a resignation.

3) Notice Period Starts On The Date Staff Submit Resignation Notice

The notice period for our resignation starts on the exact same day that we submitted the notice. There is no such thing for the Human Resource Department to process it first or whatever.

Sources: TikTok kerjajer.

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