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(Video) Bizarre Grape Flavours You Probably Didn’t Know

The grape, which is kind of strange, is one fruit that lends itself particularly well to taste like other things. Grapes are an excellent fruit, whether you eat them fresh or utilize them to make wine. Scientists have identified around 8,000 distinct grape types. Wine grapes and table grapes are among them, with the majority of them hailing from Europe and the Americas.

Not to mention, like other fruits, grapes also have their benefits such as preventing or slowing cancer growth, maintaining a healthy heart, helping with constipation, controlling blood pressure, and many more. There’s just more than one type of grape which you might know and also, some grapes taste a lot different than what we assume a grape would taste like. Here are 7 types of bizarre grapes flavors that you probably didn’t know:

1. Everest

Picture: The Cornell Daily Sun

The Everest Seedless is almost double the size of a traditional Concord, with luscious blueberries or slightly reddish ones weighing up to 7 grams. The new variety is the first seedless Concord-type grape on the market, and it was created especially for fresh consumption rather than processing jam, juice, or wine.

The texture of the Everest grapes is soft that some people say it is like a marshmallow. Funny thing, the Everest grape has a hint of marshmallow flavor to it, sweet and slightly creamy.

2. Reliance

Picture: Ison’s Nursery

For fresh eating, a highly sweet rosy pink seedless grape is recommended. The grapevines are resilient and vigorous, making them ideal for growing in the backyard. It’s excellent for salads, jams, jellies, and desserts. Reliance grapes look similar to Muscadine grapes. It has thick skin and a strong grape flavor. Also, it is quite sweet and succulent.

3. Glenora

Picture: Pinterest

Glenora Seedless Table Grape is a low-maintenance variety that produces long clusters of big, dark blue grapes. The flavor of this seedless grape is sweet, distinctive, and deliciously peppery! So that spicy flavor in the grapes isn’t like the very intense type of spicy. It’s like the grape contains cinnamon and a hint of blueberry flavor to it.

4. Joy

Picture: Ison’s Nursery

Joy is a delicious grape with a lot of taste. This thin-skinned, elongated, seedless blue-black grape ripens early in the season and is resistant to cracking. It’s non-slippery but has a lovely, melting texture. During particularly hot years, some remnant seed texture can be observed. Joy has a sourish taste. This grape’s acidity is akin to that of an orange, while its sweetness is close to that of an apple. The flavor of this grape is rather powerful, despite the fact that it is not particularly sweet.

5. Jupiter

Picture: Jupiter Marketing

Jupiter is a seedless bunch grapevine with a reddish-blue color. Produces fruit with a muscat flavor. As the grape ripens, the fruit will turn totally blue. Grapes that are exceptionally huge and semi-crisp are produced by the grapevine. After fully ripening, develops into lovely clusters that hang well on the grapevine. Jupiter grapes are mostly used as table grapes. Early to mid-season, grapes ripen about 30 days before Concord.

Well, the taste is like eating a cloud! As you bite into the fruit, the sweetness stays on your tongue but later on the flavor is just mind-blowing.

6. Compassion

Picture: Growing Produce

Compassion is a new white table grape that is seedless. At maturity, the medium-sized berries are elongated oval and green in hue. Clusters range in size from half a pound to a pound. The clusters are densely packed, which could lead to fruit rot if the berries are too close together. It mixes California table grapes’ crisp, thin-skinned texture with the rich, fruity flavor of eastern table grapes.

7. New York Muscat

Picture: Plants Comprehensive

New York Muscat’ is a robust, woody, deciduous vine with lobed, toothed, mid-green leaves that turn bright red in autumn, dense panicles of fragrant, insignificant pale green flowers in early summer, and clusters of edible, juicy, sweet, dark maroon to blue-black fruit ready for harvest in mid-autumn.

By far, this is the only grape that has a seed. The flavor of this grape has bits and pieces of the precious grapes. It has a touch of spiciness, a touch of cotton candy, it is very sweet and the texture is very succulent that it just melts in your mouth as you eat it. The skin of this grape is quite thick so possible chances for you to be chewing on the skin and might hit a slightly different flavor.

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