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(Video) Different Types of Clothing Used By Various Prisoners, Knowledge For All

Prisoners behind bars actually have so many variations of clothing that they indeed have to wear. All of the different clothing actually brings different meanings depending on the criminal that the prisoners have done before. By doing it that way, it’s easier for many people in this whole wide world to know what is the status of the particular prisoners.

According to this posted video that went viral on the TikTok app recently, there are in total of 12 different kinds of clothing that bring different statuses for all the prisoners. It is such a great and beneficial knowledge for the public to know and understand so that there would be no misunderstanding occur about prisoners because of their clothing.

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12 different kinds of clothing for prisoners shown in the posted video:

  1. Purple: Prisoner on remand.

  2. White: Under 6 months.

  3. Orange: Second level.

  4. Green: Third level.

  5. Blue: Fourth level.

  6. Black: Special level (old).

  7. White With Black Stripe: Run away from the rehabilitation center.

  8. White With Blue Stripe: Run away from the police.

  9. White With Red Line: Run away from Henry Gurney.

  10. White With Green Line: Escape from prison.

  11. Fluorescent Yellow: Prisoner of skills outside the prison.

  12. White With Red Arm: The final prisoner.

Sources: TikTok izzrafiqalias.

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