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(Video) Loving Starbucks Tumbler? Use These 2 Steps To Know Their Authenticity

Starbucks is definitely one of the most popular coffee shops that a lot of people would go to get their daily doses of caffeine. The shop would serve wide variations of beverages and also foods that you can choose from. Other than all of the delicious drinks and foods that you can purchase, Starbucks also sells different types of amazing merchandise.

One of the most bought merchandise from the shop would be none other than their tumbler and also cup. Unfortunately, some irresponsible people would sell fake Starbucks merchandise online so that they could make some money out of the customers. People that might do not have the knowledge on how to differentiate them, might easily get tricked to pay a huge amount of money for fake products. Worry not because there are ways that can help.

@ayu.jailaniReply to @insecure233 now you all boleh tgok kat shopee there’s a lot of studded tumbler sell 40-50++ that’s not original ❌ #starbucks #fypage♬ Bella ciao – HUGEL Remix Extended – El Profesor

These are 2 simple steps that you can do to verify the authenticity of your Starbucks tumbler:

1) Straw

Fake: No Starbucks wording written on the straw topper.

Original: Got Starbucks wording is written on the straw topper.

2) Bottom Tumbler

Fake: No Starbucks wording on the bottom of the tumbler.

Original: Got Starbucks wording on the bottom of the tumbler.

Sources: TikTok ayu.jailani.

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