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(Video) ‘Masuda-No-Iwafune’, The Mysterious Stone Boat In Japan

Since 1853, when it first opened up to foreign trade, Japan has captivated visitors. Japan is one of the world’s top economic and technical centers, despite its many traditions and cultural relics. There is always something new to experience on a visit, with ancient gods and traditional practices coexisting with cutting-edge technology and current modern culture.

Asuka is a Japanese town in the Takaichi District in the Nara Prefecture. Asuka is an ancient land with a fascinating history. It dates back to the Tumulus Period (250-552 AD), also known as Kofun jidai (Old Mound Period). This period in Japanese history is marked by a specific style of a burial mound that was popular at the time: key-shaped earthen mounds surrounded by moats. The numerous carved granite stones in odd shapes found around Asuka are one of the region’s most distinctive features. The Masuda-no-iwafune is the largest and most peculiar of the engraved stones.

The stone construction has a 45-degree flat surface on one side that slopes down to the ground on the side closest to the peak, while the other three sides are steep, with a solid face towering over the side facing the approach from the foot of the mountain. Masuda Lake, a local body of water that has since been drained as the region has grown, inspired the name “Masuda’s Stone Boat.” The unusual open carvings on the top, which resemble the interior chambers and seats of a canoe, are described as “stone boat” in the name.

Where Did It Come From? 

So, what is this rock’s nature, and what is its purpose? Who made it, when did it happen, and why did it happen? Unfortunately, there are no definitive answers to such issues, although a variety of theories have been proposed to explain this peculiar structure.

Picture: The Ancient Connetion

There are several Buddhist temples and shrines in the area where Masuda-no-iwafune is situated, which might indicate that the carving was done by Buddhists for religious or ceremonial purposes. Masuda-no-iwafune, on the other hand, has no resemblance to any other Buddhist monument in terms of style or structure.

Another idea comes from the rock’s name, which translates to ‘the Masuda rock ship.’ The stone may have been engraved to commemorate the construction of Masuda Lake, which was originally located nearby. Some scholars say the rock is nothing more than the ruins of a tomb built for members of the royal family. However, this explains neither the unique characteristics, such as the square holes on top nor the absence of any bodies. Some have speculated that it was supposed to be the entrance to a tomb but was never completed.

Other Structure

Picture: Japan Guide

Apart from the Masuda-no-iwafune, other strange structures include the Ishibutai (stone stage), a burial chamber that was covered over by a burial mound, the Kengoshizuka Kofun (a partially unearthed tomb with a stone burial chamber), the Oni no Kawaya (devil’s toilet, a stone burial chamber that toppled down from a nearby hillside), stone statues of monkey-like figures that have long perplexed locals, and the Sakafune Ishi (wine boat stone). The Sakafune Ishi is the most aesthetically comparable to the Masuda Iwadune, with a flat surface and forms funneled together in the top.

Little is known about the Masuda-no-iwafune stone sculpture and clear information as to who created it and why is still lacking. The presence of so many other stone slabs and constructions in the vicinity implies that the region was populated before the Tumulus era, although there is no evidence to back this up. In the end, the exact origin and purpose of these mysterious old Japanese traits may be lost to history.

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