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(Video) Mosque That Aged Over 400 Years Old, This Is ‘Masjid Raja Kg Chepor’

For those who might not know, there are actually a lot of buildings here in Malaysia that is still standing strong even after hundreds of years of being built. These buildings are not like the typical old buildings that you have seen before but these buildings are the ones that got built traditionally by villagers. One of them would be none other than ‘Masjid Raja Kg Chepor’. Although it is already aged 482 years old, the particular old mosque which is also the first mosque built in Kampung Chepor, Lenggong, Perak indeed still stands strong and now become a tourist attraction.

Kampung Chepor, according to history was actually explored by two brothers and they are namely Tun Saban and also Tun Puteh. They are the children of the Bendahara of Melaka, Tun Perak. This village which is located in Lenggong specifically in Hulu Perak District was once attacked and also burned by communist terrorists. According to the old story, the mosque was not destroyed even though it was burned by the communists. Such a relief.

@iamnazirulMasjid Raja Kg Chepor berusia lebih 400 tahun #fyp #jejakwarisan♬ Bisikan Hati – Rafeah Buang

The story of the construction of the mosque has its historical value involving the Islamic Kingdom of Melaka and the beginning of the Perak Kingdom which is interesting to visit and trace chronologically. The construction of this specific mosque features Malay, Riau, Sumatra, Minangkabau, Deli, and also Langkap designs that are still intact.

Nowadays, to make the roof of the mosque stronger, it was actually changed to zinc to further strengthen the structure of the old mosque. This is because the original roof of the mosque was made of thatch. However, most of the wood has remained strong since 480 years ago to this day. The historical value of the mosque is definitely still there.

Sources: TikTok iamnazirul.

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