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(Video) Strangest Stairs Built With Unique Application, The ‘Witches Stairs’

Many people in this whole wide world might have stumbled upon a particular design of stairs that might look so strange and could be so questionable on why does it ever exist. One of the designs would be none other than the stairs that are called ‘witches stairs’. Little did a lot of people know, these kinds of stairs have unique applications.

It was actually designed to save space and also to make the trips up and down to be less dangerous if they are compared to a normal kind of stairs. Other than that, they are also called alternating tread stairs and are used when space is an issue that should be discussed in the particular house. They usually lead up to one room or to the attic.

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The staircase is uneven and staggered so that a person has to walk with a foot on each step. An interesting fact, they are also called alternating tread stairs. However, there is a specific urban legend that a witch descending from the attic would have trouble using these stairs. This is because witches can’t see their feet. Such a hilarious fact to know.

Sources: @itslaurenmatera

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