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(Video) Such A Waste of Money? These Are World’s Most Useless Megaprojects

There are actually so many megaprojects built all around the world in hope that they will attract so much praise and also amazement from the public. Unfortunately, there are some buildings that are built to turn out to be so useless and such a waste of time and also money. Not just one or two, there are indeed many of them that are worth nothing.

The particular listing was actually featured in a YouTube video posted by Top Luxury. All of these megaprojects were abandoned, significantly delayed, remain almost empty to this day, and cost way more than the initial estimate. For those who do not have any idea about it, these are actually useless megaprojects.

5 most useless megaprojects all around the world:

1) Interstate H-3, USA Hawaii

Picture: Amusing Planet

The six-lane Interstate H-3 that links Honolulu to the east side of Oʻahu in Hawaii. While the project was proposed in 1960, it was not completed until 1997 and cost $1.3 billion instead of the $250 million that was initially planned. The delay was mostly due to significant environmental and cultural concerns from Native Hawaiians, which were eventually dismissed.

2) Ciudad Real Central Airport, Spain

Picture: Traveller

The airport, which cost more than $1.3 billion, opened in 2008 and closed in 2012. Meant to alleviate traffic from Madrid’s Barajas airport, the new airport ended up being much too far away from the capital city to be of any appeal to travelers. During its three years of operation, it received flights from only two airlines, Ryanair and Vueling. Other than that, Ciudad Real Central Airport was eventually sold to Ciudad Real International Airport SL in 2018 and used as a glorified parking lot for grounded planes when the COVID-19 pandemic began and air traffic came to a halt.

3) Naypyidaw, Myanmar

Picture: Pinterest

It is supposed to be the new capital of Myanmar that features 20-lane highways and also reportedly had cost over $4 billion but remains almost empty. Traditional tiered roofs crown the buildings of its Parliament (Hluttaw) complex. Exhibits at the National Museum include Burmese art and ancient artifacts. The golden stupa of Uppatasanti Pagoda has an interior carved with stories from Buddhist literature. In a nearby enclosure are white elephants, once prized by Burmese royalty.

4) Forest City, Malaysia

Picture: Prop Social

A huge city built on four man-made islands in Malaysia, right across the border from Singapore. Forest City Johor is an integrated residential development located on the slopes of Gelang Patah, Johor Bahru District, Johor, Malaysia on 1,370 hectares. The project is supposed to be finished by 2035 and house 700,0000 residents, but it remains almost empty and seems doomed for political reasons.

5) Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository

Picture: Las Vegas Review-Journal

This immense underground tunnel meant to store nuclear waste will likely never see the light of day and has been put on pause because of environmental and health concerns. The project has already cost $19 billion.

Sources: YouTube Top Luxury.

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