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(Video) The Song In ‘Laksamana Do Re Mi’ Movie Is Real? Based On This Old Japanese Song

For all of the fans that really love to watch many movies made by the late P. Ramlee over and over again, they must have definitely been so familiar with all the characters, dialogues, scenes, and also the kinds of music used in the amazing movies. Some people who are diehard fans would also have even memorized certain words and the lyrics.

Little did many of the fans know, the Japanese song that is used in the very popular ‘Laksamana Do Re Mi’ movie is actually a real song that is originated from Japan. The song is actually called ‘Aikoku Koushin’. In the past, the song was compulsory for all Malayan residents to memorize during the Japanese occupation from the year 1941 to 1945. Interestingly, the song is actually a Japanese Army March song that was released in 1937.

@abgshazzDulu filem p ramlee x pernah miss walau dok ulang bnyk kali #pramlee #fyp #FFTTFM #kekejong #shaznaz07

♬ original sound – Abg Shaz

It is an original Japanese song because the late P. Ramlee used to go through the Japanese era himself. That is why he knows and has the knowledge of that song. In fact, anyone who has lived under Japanese rule themselves has to really know and memorize the song. It is like the Japanese national anthem. Even the lyric means to praise Japan.

Sources: TikTok Abg Shaz, YouTube Historical Recordings.

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