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(Video) ‘Touch N Go’ Watch In Malaysia, Once Overlooked By People Now Amazed

For those who might not know, Malaysia once created a particular supposedly amazing invention of a watch but unfortunately, it got so overlooked by so many people in this country. The mentioned invention would be none other than the ‘Touch ‘n Go’ watch. The watch is specifically called the ‘TimeTraveller’ by the company. So amazing.

Based on its appearance, this ‘TimeTraveller’ looks like any normal analog watch ever created. Also, since it is a watch, you will have to replace your current watch that you are wearing if you want to use the ‘TimeTraveller’ produced by the ‘Touch ‘n Go’ company. At that time, it is actually priced at a whopping price of RM239 for one.

@fatinrehannaSelalu pegi topup touch n go mesti kena sound , “ni jam dik bukan kad touch n go “ 😂

♬ bunyi asal – Mhd Aizzat

Based on the posted video that went viral on the TikTok app recently, a particular woman can be seen using her own ‘TimeTraveller’ that she has for her to pay the toll. Looking at the comments section, not many people really have the knowledge and also information about the ‘TimeTraveller’ by ‘Touch ‘n Go’. Luckily, there is an explanation for it.

Picture: TikTok fatinrehanna

Sources: TikTok fatinrehanna, YouTube Touch ‘n Go.

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