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(Video) When Man ‘Tough’ Attitude Is Put To The Test, Result Turns Out Hilarious

Everyone in this whole wide world must sometimes need to show their ‘tough’ and ‘baddie’ side once in a while so that people know that they mean business and they are serious about what they are talking about. Unfortunately, some of them would have to prove the attitude that they are trying to portray to other people so that people believed.

That is what happened to this particular man that got his own ‘tough’ attitude put to the test. When he is around his own friend, he looks like he is the one who is with the most confidence to ride the cable car. But, when all of them actually ride the cable car, he is indeed the one who is the most afraid when they are in the cable car. So hilarious.

@missyxsGayat terok member 😂 nak sangat naikkan 😂 #gayat @boskimi.coq

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As can be seen in the posted video, the man quickly turns to become so scared to be in the cable car once the cable car started moving. This is because the floor of the cable car is made of glass and people would easily get scared of it. Looking at the comments section, there are a lot of netizens that also think that the man’s reaction is funny to watch.

Picture: TikTok missyxs

Picture: TikTok missyxs

Picture: TikTok missyxs

Sources: TikTok missyxs.

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