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(Video) “Would Be The Hardest And The Most Fun Project of The Year” – Sofyank

Without a doubt, there are already many people in this whole wide world who acknowledge and also know the talent of a young man named Sofyank has. All the creativity and soft skills that this particular mas has in editing videos are really admirable. He even has collaborated with a lot of influential people after his talent caught a lot of attention.

Recently, he and some of his friends have come out with a new video and it indeed looks very amazing, and not many people of his age could pull it off. Looks like all of them dedicated a lot of their effort to the video because Sofyank stated himself that the latest video, “Would be the hardest and the most fun project of the year”. So worth watching.

According to Sofyank, the shooting of the video took up to 3 days in total. That is nothing compared to the period of editing the video and that took up to 1 month and 15 days in total. That is so surprising and the result of the video proves that all the time that he used was actually so worth it. It is actually a video promoting ‘Free Fire’ in Malaysia.

For those who wanted to watch the full video that Sofyank and his friends made, here it is:

Sources: Twitter sofyank96, YouTube sofyank96.

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