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Latest Theme Park In Banting? ‘Riverine Splash’ And ‘Riverine Survival Park’!

Recently, there is indeed an increasing number of theme parks got opened all over Malaysia. The latest one and also probably highly awaited by a lot of people is actually the one which would be opened in Banting. It is scheduled to be opened soon near Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort. This theme park is owned by the same company, Amverton.

In conclusion, the latest development of the exciting theme park includes one hotel that is known as the one and only Riverine Hotel & Suites and also two theme parks which are the ‘Riverine Splash @ Amverton Cove’ water theme park and the ‘Survival Park @ Amverton Cove’. Both of them look so amazing and people could not wait to go there.

Picture: Amverton Cove

1) Riverine Splash @ Amverton Cove

Keep your entire family entertained at our Riverine Splash Water Theme park designed with lush landscape and fun rides for all ages! Ride our Boa and Anaconda Tube slides to get your adrenaline pumping or take a relaxing cruise along our Rimba River and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of nature at its best.

Recommended time to allocate: 5 hours minimum
Suitable for: All ages (individual rides have height and age restrictions)

2) Riverine Survival Park @ Amverton Cove

Riverine Survival Park is built amidst clusters of beautiful Banyan trees which provide shade and fresh oxygen to the visitors. Let the little ones run freely on the open lawns, run through our Garden Maze, and explore obstacles and tree-houses built around the native trees. Also, don’t forget to try our Flying Fox zip line!

Recommended time to allocate : 3 hours
Suitable for : 3 yrs old upwards. Adults will also have fun

Picture: Amverton Cove

For now, this particular location has not been updated in the Waze and also Google Maps applications. So you can continue to just Waze ‘Amverton Golf & Island Resort’ to get to this Riverine.

Sources: Amverton Cove.

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