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True Spider-Man’s Fans Would Know, These Are 7 Weird Facts About The Suits

Spider-Man is definitely one of the most talked-about topics by a lot of people all around the world nowadays and it is because of the recently released ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ movie. All of the things that are featured in all of the Spider-Man movies would indeed attract many people to talk about it. One of the most underrated things that people do not talk much about Spider-Man would be none other than the weird facts about suits worn in all of the movies.

For those who might not know, there are actually so many weird but such interesting facts that many people should know about the suits in the movies. Real fans of Spider-Man would have known about these. Spider-Man’s suit is so superpowered and ready for action. In the fifty-five years since his Marvel Universe birth, Spider-Man has turned the signature red-and-blue costume into a fixture of the comic book world, a hero for adolescents of every generation.

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Here are some weird facts about Spider-Man’s costumes:

1) His Suits Are Mostly Hand Sewn

When Peter became Spider-Man, he was just a teenager. That came with a lack of experience, but it also came with a lack of funds. As such, his original Spider-Man costume was hand-sewn by Peter himself. You’d think that at some point Peter would have gotten a clue. Perhaps after the metal suit worked so well he might have worked that into his main costume. But no, it took the genius of Tony Stark to upgrade Spidey’s suit.

During Civil War, Tony gives Peter the Iron Spider suit. When Peter asks what was wrong with the old one, Tony responds that it was made of cloth. Thanks to Doc Ock, Peter became CEO of Parker Industries and built himself a nigh-invincible new suit with that money. He’s since lost the company and the cash that came with it, so maintaining that suit has become impossible.

2) The Lenses Work Like Two Way Glass

The mask muffles his voice, but that’s not the only thing it does though. The eyepieces are actually made out of reflective glass. This allows Spider-Man to be able to see everything around him while no villain can see his real eyes. They also have properties that protect him from hypnotic attacks.

This has been quietly adopted into most film versions. The Raimi costume was very faithful. The Amazing Spider-Man versions did the same thing, but we can all agree they looked a little weird. The MCU version does all of this and more, the eyes are also able to emote the same way they do in the comics.

3) He Once Wore Four Different Costumes

Norman Osborn frames Spider-Man for murder. Peter pushes his skills to the limit and comes up with four new costumed identities to patrol the city in. Two of these identities were new heroes. The Hornet used a jet-pack and sedative darts. Prodigy was excellent at parkour. The other two identities were villains. Ricochet was streetwise with a quick mouth and Dusk was essentially a ninja.

Each of these identities came with a snazzy new suit. He used them together to clear his name. They were later adopted by a team that call themselves The Slingers. This group of over-excited teenagers still shows up from time to time, most recently to make Ben Reilly’s life a little harder than it already is.

4) Doc Ock’s Version Has Four Mechanical Arms

In what was probably Otto Octavius’ greatest triumph, he managed to switch bodies with Spider-Man just in time for his old body to fail completely. Peter Parker died in the arms of one of his greatest enemies who had succeeded in stealing his body. In the months that followed, Ock vowed to be a better Spider-Man than Peter had ever been.

He did this by making updates everywhere he could, including to the costume. He changed the color scheme to make it look more sinister and, more importantly, he added four mechanical arms. It’s actually part of how the Green Goblin figures out that Spider-Man isn’t Spider-Man, it was a careless move on Doc Ock’s part. It made for some really cool comic book art though.

5) There Have Been Over A Dozen Versions

Peter Parker has been Spider-Man since he was 15 years old. In comic book time, that’s anywhere between 10 and 15 years. That’s a lot of time to come up with new designs. The Peter Parker from Earth-616 has worn over a dozen versions of his own costume. That’s without taking into account the number of clones he currently has running around.

Both Scarlet Spiders have their own variation on the original costume and even Doctor Octopus was also a Spider-Person during a time. Throw into that mix the number of film, television, cartoon, and video game adaptations, and the number of different versions of Spider-Man’s suit could be in the triple digits.

6) A Fan Sold The Black Suit Idea For 220$

No list about Spider-Man’s costume is complete without at least one mention of the black suit. We’re taking it up a notch and mentioning it twice! In the early ’80s, Marvel wanted to revamp their characters. Spider-Man in particular was due for an upgrade. They held a contest for fans to submit their best creative ideas. Randy Schueller’s initial idea was that the costume would be designed by Reed Richards.

The suit would have been stronger and more suited to stealth, as it was to be made with the same material as the Fantastic Four’s costumes. Marvel took the idea and ran with it all the way to the creation of Venom, one of Spider-Man’s most popular recurring villains. They gave Schueller a big fat 220$ check for that idea. Hopefully, Schueller invested that cash and didn’t just spend it on comic books.

7) Sometimes It’s Made Of Metal

Peter Parker is a genius inventor. That comes in handy sometimes when he’s in over his head. In the early ’90s, he came up against a group called The New Enforcers. It was a complicated story, filled with various parties vying to regain control of the criminal underworld. Basically, Spider-Man was caught in between three camps fighting with high-powered weapons.

So his response was to build himself a metal suit. The suit was destroyed by a cold ray in that very fight. It was very popular though, so Marvel has since brought it back. In the Spider-Man: The Animated Series, a rich and successful Peter Parker from another universe wears the armored suit as his regular one. The suit has also been included in a number of video games. It also made for great toy sales.

Sources:, Screen Rant.

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