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(Video) Colored Balls On Electricity Cables, This Is The Real Function For It

For those who might not know, the invention of all the colored balls on electricity cables is actually known as aerial marker ball. They indeed function as safety instruments that got applied to the overhead power lines to mark the transmission lines and also ropeways along the flight path during the day. They look simple but functions a lot.

Markers are often installed on overhead lines near airfields, or at river crossings where there would be a possibility of float-equipped aircraft using the river. Some markers contain conductor marking lights or strobe lights to improve visibility at night or in fog. These are how the aerial marker ball got installed on the electricity cables. So fascinating.

@izwanseekfakta bukan auta #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage♬ Helikopter – Fazlija

Aerial marker Balls are used for safety. It saves lives and infrastructure by making guy wire and power lines visible to the low flying helicopters, aircraft, and plans. Some power lines marker balls glow due to the electric field on the power lines. Some flashing marker balls are used on transmission poles, towers, and power lines for clear visibility.

The power lines conductors and also skyline become almost invisible against the terrain as the human eye starts to loos its visual acuity at just a few degrees off dead center. Some other reasons to be unable to notice the power lines for pilots are light condition and dirty windscreens. That is the exact reason why marker balls are installed on the power lines especially in the case of the overhead cables and wires crossing the major highways, freeways, valleys, deep gullies, and mostly fly low while landing at airports. Such a helpful invention for lots of dangerous situations.

Sources: TikTok izwanseek.

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