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(Video) Get Ready For Christmas With These Upcoming Netflix Movies!

It’s the season to kick back, relax, and watch something goofy or sweet that makes you feel festive. As a result, Netflix has made a significant investment in Christmas entertainment, giving you even more movies, series, and specials than ever before.

From cheesy romances to family fairy tales, and everything in between, there’s just something for everyone. Netflix has embraced the festive spirit in order to break down their new original Christmas films. Here’s what’s new on Netflix for this Christmas.

1.A Castle For Christmas

Brooke Shields and Cary Elwes star in a holiday romance that sets new standards for the genre. Shields is a successful romance author who has reached a fork in the road after killing off the protagonist in her most recent work. She travels to Scotland for a holiday and to see a castle with a link to her late father, divorced and soul-searching. When the castle’s gruff owner is in financial trouble, she joins him there. A Castle for Christmas is a wonderful entry in the enemies-to-lovers canon, with a terrific ensemble cast that includes local residents to flesh out the character and help viewers fall in love with Scotland, even if Elwes’ accent is a little off. This film does both while retaining all of the heartwarming elements of a meet-cute, misunderstandings, the grumpy-sunshine dynamic, and a snow-covered Scotland at Christmas.

2. The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star

Vanessa Hudgens and her royal Christmas rom-com doppelgangers are back for a third film in the Princess Switch franchise–and this time it’s a robbery! The only way to improve these flicks was to include a robbery aspect. After committing what is most likely an international crime twice, Queen Margaret and Princess Stacy, as well as their most recent doppelgänger Lady Fiona, are at it again, this time with a plot involving swapping places. This time, the strange clones band together to solve a fresh international crime: the theft of a priceless relic, The Star of Peace, which the Vatican had loaned to Stacy and Margaret for the impending Christmas celebration in Montenaro.

Once again, Hudgens and the Princess Switch franchise’s creative team understand exactly what these films are about: V-Hud vamping around in great attire, seeing handsome guys in knitwear, and teasing fans with a nod to the Netflix Christmas Cinematic Universe.

3. A Boy Called Christmas

A Boy Called Christmas is a lovely, whimsy-filled fairy tale. The film incorporates treasured traditions such as an unwelcome babysitter and an elder cousin reading a storey to little children. The film’s dark parts are really gloomy–a mix of Dickensian down-on-their-luck situations translated to Scandinavia and an attempt to instil a modern knowledge of topics like democracy and the need for healthcare in fairy tales based on the images of benign rulers. But, as a Christmas origin storey develops, a talking mouse and the legendary reindeer Blitzen become filled with enchantment.

Things get a little tangled up in elf politics, so this is a film where you’ll need to pay close attention. It’s also worth mentioning that this film deals extensively with the death of parents.

4. Love Hard

In this entertaining modern rom-com, Nina Dobrev and comedian Jimmy O.Yang play as a disastrous dating writer who thinks she’s finally found the right person, only to show up at his house semi-uninvited for Christmas and realise she’s been catfished. This charming, witty holiday romance exemplifies the benefits of employing tropes. And it may switch gears at any time, from girlfriend meets the family to Cyrano, starting with Josh’s family being delighted that he finally has a girlfriend and shifting gears when Natalie notices the person whose photographs Josh used to catfish her is in his town in real life.

Josh isn’t disregarded because he’s ugly; rather, he’s awful at dating apps and has concerns due to family issues, according to the film. Love Hard distinguishes itself from traditional funny Christmas romances because of the specifics of Natalie and Josh’s relationship–and the members of Josh’s family, notably James Saito as his father, Harry Shum Jr as his insane brother, and his charming grandmother–

5. The Claus Family 2

The first film is mostly on the death of a parent, and 11-year-old Jules despises Christmas because his father died the year before. It doesn’t take him long to figure out that his grandfather is Santa, and that he requires assistance. Jules Claus has totally embraced Christmas, ensuring his position as Santa Claus. They’re on their way to preparing for the nicest Christmas ever, together with his grandfather Nol. With Christmas on the horizon, everything seems to be going swimmingly until Jules receives a letter containing an odd desire. The Claus Family 2 is a heartwarming family film about the importance of gifts, which come in all forms and sizes!

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