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(Video) Recycle All Your Old Clothes At H&M Store, Get Vouchers To Use Later

Many people might not know of this program but it is actually has been there for a very long time but guess they did not do much promotion about it so not many people know. This particular program is by giving your own old clothes to H&M stores and then getting 15% vouchers to be used later. This article is meant to spread the news so that a lot more people know about this and can use them for good. This program would be such a win-win situation for all.

The good news would be that they do not just take in clothing but they also accept textiles, socks, towels, and even those clothes that are damaged. Bring a bag of your old textiles to any H&M store that is located here in Malaysia and then you will get a voucher giving you 15% off one item of clothing in-store. This is definitely the time for you to try.

@senyfkosongkan almari rumah 😋 #recycle #bajuterpakai #H&M #alloulet

♬ suara asli – Zerz`SoftBoy🤺

The old clothes that you bring in do not have to be from H&M. This is because clothing from any brand will do. There are no strict rules regarding how big your donation bag has to be either, although you can only receive a maximum of two vouchers a day. The 15% voucher cannot be used on purchases on H&M gift cards, designer collaborations, or even sales and also offer items. Each voucher comes with an expiry date and is valid at all H&M stores in Malaysia.

All the clothing collected will either be worn again as second-hand goods, reused as other products, or even recycled.

Sources: TikTok senyf, H&M Group.

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