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(Video) Say Goodbye To Double Chin With These 4 Jawline Massage Technique

Girls will always want to seem nice and gorgeous, especially when we enjoy shooting selfies and publishing them on Instagram so that our friends can keep up with what we’ve been up to this entire circuit breaker.

But there’s just one problem, double chin! Contouring has made it easy to imitate well-defined cheekbones and a razor-sharp jawline, but you don’t want to be spending an hour every day applying makeup. The good news is that, like any other area of our body, the face includes muscles that may be exercised to remove any fatty portions you don’t like.

Simply follow this-step face massage routine every day to get rid of facial puffiness and get the stunning v-shape jawline you’ve seen on Korean celebs! It’s straightforward and quick to accomplish at home, and you’ll be on your way to a thinner jawline in no time.

@devonkelley_Take before and afters, I wanna see #greenscreen @freshbeauty partner♬ original sound – Devon Kelley

Before we began, make sure you have oil. It can be any type of oil as long as it can be used on your skin. Oil makes it easier to work your way through your chin.

1. Hook fingers under and over your jawline- Massage the side of your jawline with your knuckles in an upward motion, starting from your chin and ending at your ear.

2. Define your jawbone- using your thumbs, massage under your jawbone in an upwards manner.

3. Release tension- Hold your hand into a fist. Starting from your chin, gently twist the fist and work it upwards to your cheeks.

4. Smooth out Using your fingers, gently press under your chin and down the neck

If using your hand is less likely your thing, you can try using massage stones or rollers to help you do the trick. The key to this is to be consistent because it doesn’t just happen in one day.

Try this simple yet amazing method at least 5 to 10 times a few times a week on each side. And in no time, you’ll be having that V-shaped jawline you’ve dreamt of!

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