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(Video) These Are Things You Can’t Do To Avoid Children From Getting Speech Delay

Raising a child could be challenging at times especially for new parents because they definitely have to learn a lot of skills and also learn some new knowledge so that they can do the job to raise the child perfectly. Worry not because learning is actually something that you are going to do for your whole life. It is okay to just take one step at a time.

As a parent, you would absolutely want to give the best to your own children. Giving everything that they need is usually going to be the option selected by most parents. But be careful, because there are things that you can always give your children all time and there are things that you cannot do to your children to avoid worse things to happen.

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For those who might not know, you cannot give everything that your children want all the time. Some things if given to your children frequently would make their own condition become worse. For example, they could get the speech delay problem. Having speech delay problems could really affect their life. These are things you can’t do to avoid it.

  1. Parents do not take the time they have and rarely have a conversation with their children.
  2. Normalize to give gadgets to children that aged less than 1 year old.
  3. Talk to your children in a ‘pelat’ way.
  4. Talk to your children in more than one language in a sentence.
  5. Let your children eat while watching television or even gadget.

Sources: TikTok husna.ahmad.

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