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Devastating After-Effects, These Are 5 Most Destructive Tsunamis Worldwide

Without a doubt, a tsunami could be such a destructive natural disaster ever happen on this specific planet. That is because tsunamis could cause such devastating after-effects towards the citizens, ecosystems, and also the facilities to any country that it occurs. There are indeed so many tsunamis that have happened that could be labeled as the most destructive tsunamis ever in history. It is better for all the countries to be really prepared for any possibilities.

According to the fact, a tsunami is actually a series of waves in a water body caused by the displacement of a large volume of water, generally in an ocean or even a large lake. Throughout the existence of this particular planet that is the Earth, these are the 5 most destructive tsunamis with heartbreaking after-effects that have happened worldwide.

1) Sumatra, Indonesia – 2004

Picture: Facts of Indonesia

The year 2004 tsunami that happened in Sumatra, Indonesia had occurred on the 26th of December. The undersea megathrust earthquake up to a total of 9.1–9.3 Mw magnitude reaching a Mercalli intensity up to IX in certain areas. The earthquake was caused by a rupture along the fault between the Burmese Plate and also the Indian Plate. Massive tsunami waves that grew up as high as 30 m high once heading inland can be seen and it was created by the activity offshore that is the underwater seismic.

2) North Pacific Coast, Japan – 2011

Picture: Britannica

The 2011 earthquake and tsunami that happened in Japan occurred on the 11th of March. A total of 9.0–9.1Mw magnitude undersea megathrust earthquake in the Pacific Ocean, 72 km east of the Oshika Peninsula of the Tōhoku region, and lasted approximately six minutes, causing a tsunami. In Japan, it is sometimes known as the “Great East Japan Earthquake” among other names. Recognized as the most powerful earthquake ever happened in Japan.

3) Lata, Solomon Islands – 2013

Picture: Biukili

The Solomon Islands earthquake struck northeast of Australia in the year 2013 with a moment magnitude of 8.0. Its epicenter was the Solomon Islands, at the boundaries of the Australian and Pacific tectonic plates, causing local evacuations and a tsunami of 1.5 m and killing at least 9 people.

4) Peru – 2001

Picture: USGS

The southern Peru earthquake in the year 2001 has occurred on the 23rd of June with a moment magnitude of 8.4 and maximum Mercalli intensity of VIII (Severe) followed by a major Tsunami. The quake even affects the Peruvian regions of Arequipa, Moquegua, and Tacna. It is said that the earthquake was the most devastating earthquake in Peru since the “1970 Ancash earthquake” and the largest earthquake since the “1965 Rat Islands earthquake”.

5) Iquique, Chile – 2014

Picture: CNBC

The 2014 Iquique earthquake struck off the coast of Chile on the 1st of April, with a moment magnitude of 8.2. The epicenter of the earthquake was approximately 95 kilometers northwest of Iquique. The earthquake has caused a tsunami of up to 2.11 meters. A similar-sized tsunami was also reported having hit the coasts of Pisagua and Arica.

Sources: SMS Tsunami Warning, Criminal Justice.

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