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From Electrified Railway System Building, To The World’s Biggest KFC Ever Existed

There is actually one particular KFC branch that got labeled as the world’s biggest KFC in this whole wide world. No, it is surprisingly not located in the United States of America but it is indeed located in the Azerbaijani capital and that is none other than Baku. Little did many know, the building is not actually built to be used as the U.S.-based fast-food chain that is KFC but it is originally built to be used as an electrified railway system there. By using it as a building for KFC, they have just saved an architecturally famous and significant building from getting demolished.

The particular eatery has a measurement of 1,600-square-meter. Back in history, the building is part of the first electrified railway system ever existed in the Soviet Union in the year 1924. For those who might not know, the tracks of the previous building would link Baku with the outlying petroleum districts there. Everyone would be fascinated when entering this eatery because it has Moorish influences and also features two domed towers. So amazing.

Picture: Reddit

The building was reported to get in a total of 3 million euros for the station’s restoration by the KFC’s franchise partner that is located in Azerbaijan. If the restoration is not done, the building might just have been fallen without any restoration or repair. Now, this largest KFC in the world could seat up to 300 customers and they also plan to sell around 1.5 million KFC meals per year. It is indeed a great effort for the old building to be reused as something.

Even though they wanted to have a lot of functional features and interior designs in the building, the station’s iconic and significant interior architectural elements got successfully maintained there such as cathedral ceilings that feature coffered panels. The architects who designed the restaurant should deserve all the compliments for them.

Sources: Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty.

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