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If Always Feeling Gassy, Try These 7 Tips To Get Rid Of It From Your Stomach

Trapped gas is actually such a normal situation that could happen to anyone in this whole wide world. Unfortunately, some people would feel so discomfort by the particular situation and it also could give you the sensation of pain like stabbing in your own abdomen or even chest. It is indeed such a troublesome situation for a lot of people to face.

You will surely wanted to make the discomfort feel as soon as possible when you have trapped gas inside of your body. Many people would not know on what to do when they are facing this kind of situation. Worry not because there are 7 simple tips that you need to know and do to completely get rid of the gassy feeling in your stomach easily.

These are the 7 easy tips to get rid of the gas from your stomach:

  1. Doing yoga
  2. Try to move or walk even more than usual
  3. Take probiotics for your stomach
  4. Have a bath using hot water or warm water
  5. Rub some ointment (minyak angin) on your stomach
  6. Massage gently the stomach and also abdomen area
  7. Try to avoid the habit to chew any chewing gum

Sources: Twitter Dr Samhan.

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