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Keep On Falling Down, Use These Simple Steps To ‘Tampal’ Your Road Tax Easily

For those who are not familiar, road tax could also be known by a variety of names all around the world and it is actually a tax that has to be paid on, or included with, a wheeled vehicle to use on a public road. In Malaysia, the latest road tax information and calculations are different in East Malaysia and West Malaysia, in which the former in general has a lower rate than the latter because of the poor geographical condition and also road surface. Besides, within both the two areas, the tax amount varies according to car variants as well as the engine capacity of vehicles.

In this particular country, road tax would usually have to be shown on the front window of any car so that it can be easily seen by everyone. Unfortunately, a lot of people have experienced that the road tax that they have attached to the front window keeps on falling down. Sometimes, it could be because the road tax has become dried up or even because some people don’t know how to attach them properly. Worry not because these are the simple ways to do it.

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Few tips on how to ‘tampal’ your road tax easily and correctly.

  1. Take off the road tax that you have bought from the original paper.
  2. Paste the front part of the road tax which is the sticky part on a plastic film.
  3. Attach the road tax that has been pasted with the plastic film on another plastic that is used to display it.
  4. Find the perfect spot on the front window of the car to attach the road tax.
  5. Attach the whole set of the road tax on the front window.

Sources: Road Tax MyEG.

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