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Learn The Term ‘Karoshi’, Known As The Most Deadliest Symptoms For Overworking

For those who might not know, the term ‘karoshi’ has already been used by a lot of people already. If the term got translated literally, it would actually bring the meaning ‘overwork death’. Originally, it is a particular term that comes from Japan and is closely related to occupational sudden mortality. It is indeed a dangerous term to know.

Surprisingly, it is widely known that one of the most usual medical causes for the ‘karoshi’ deaths would be strokes or even heart attacks and it could be caused by stress and also a starvation diet. Most importantly, the mental stress that a lot of people experienced from the workplace can also cause karoshi as so many workers take their own lives.

Picture: BitGab

According to the official report, there have been around 200 claims for only the ‘karoshi’ work injuries annually stated by the Japanese government. Even though some activists in Japan exposed that the number is actually less than the usual and have estimated around 10,000 deaths annually because of the karoshi. In addition, the court mentioned that the official number registered actually does not consider the increasing irregular workers in Japan.

The main information that needs to be taken from the information of the ‘karoshi’ term would be that everyone in this whole wide world needs to take their works one step at a time and never to rush things and wanted to complete work as soon as possible because it could definitely bring negative consequences towards you. You are the one who needs to take care of yourself because no one else knows how much hard pressure you are taking for your own self.

Sources: Wired, Japan Intercultural Consulting.

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