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Letter of A World War II Soldier’s Finally Delivered After 76 Years From Germany

Unlike in modern times, people in the past only relied on mail delivery methods to stay in touch with each other and this included a United States Army Sergeant named John Gonsalves.

However, a letter sent to his mother is said to have been missing in the mail for 76 years.

John Gonsalves sent a letter to his mother during World War II, which was exactly on December 6, 1945 when he was serving in Germany.

At the time, letters were the only thing he had to communicate with his family.

Yet who would have thought, the fate of the letter said otherwise when it then arrived in the hands of Gonsalves ’wife named Angelina Gonsalves at the end of 2021.

Here is the content of the letter:

“Dear Mom, received another letter from you today and was happy to hear that everything is okay. As for myself, I’m fine and getting along okay. But as far as the food it’s pretty lousy most of the time. Love and kisses, your son Johnny. I’ll be seeing you soon, I hope.”

Unfortunately, Gonsalves passed away in 2015 and his mother has also passed away. The letter, which was successfully sent using the US Postal Service, was sent by Sergeant Gonsalves when he was 22 years old and while serving in Germany.

The letter his wife received was quite surprising and make her heart touched.

Picture: The Guardian

“Imagine that! Seventy-six years!

“I just, I couldn’t believe it. And then just his handwriting and everything. It was just so amazing, ”Angelina Gonsalves said.

Angelina, who will be celebrating her 90th birthday, also thanked the service for delivering the letter even after 76 years.

She described her husband as a good man and loved by many.

“It’s like he came back to me, you know? Really. That was amazing. He was a good man. He really was. Everybody loved him, ”she added.

Sources: Boston 25, The Guardian

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