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Many Probably Not Know About It, These 5 Hollywood Celebrities With Royal Blood

In this whole wide world, there may be some individuals that a lot of people might not know who is actually involved in royal relatives but they still live a daily life like most usual people. Celebrities are indeed no exception as some of them are true of royal descent, but they have never revealed their own backgrounds. These are shocking to know of.

For those who might not know, there are definitely some Hollywood celebrities that have royal blood in them and people should know about it. To be able to find out that they are a part of the royal family could be the sweet dream of many people that ever exist. These are 5 of the Hollywood celebrities with royal blood that people could identify.

1) Paris Hilton

Picture: Harper’s Bazaar

Shockingly, she is related to Queen Elizabeth II and also Marilyn Monroe. Paris Hilton has once revealed that she just found out about the facts. Other than that, she stated that her own mother had taken a DNA test and the particular result of the test shows them that they are related to certain royals.

2) Beyonce

Picture: Allure

Many do not know this but Beyonce is actually related to Queen Elizabeth II and in fact, they are cousins. This is because both of them are indeed related to Henry II, and shockingly that makes them 25th cousins. The royal title of ‘Queen Bee’ is so suitable for her.

3) Hillary Duff

Picture: Shape Magazine

Another one that is related to Queen Elizabeth II would be none other than Hillary Duff as she is a distant relative to Queen Elizabeth II. She is considered being the most royal person among American celebrities. Other than that, she is also related to Alexander Spotswood who lived in the 17th century, was an officer of the British Army, and also the great-grandson of Edward III.

4) Thandie Newton

Picture: BBC

Thandie Newton is the daughter of the Princess of Zimbabwe. She is none other than Grayce Nyasha Jombe. However, his own mother decided to leave life there and emigrated to England in the year 1966.

5) Madonna

Picture: The Guardian

According to the fact stated from the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston, Madonna is indeed the ninth cousin of the Duchess of Cornwall named Camilla Parker Bowles. That is how makes her have royal blood.

Sources: Marie Claire, Insider.

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