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“The Latest Regulations On The Procedure For Entry Into Malaysia” – MOH Malaysia

Nowadays, a lot of countries in this whole wide world have been trying so hard to avoid the spread of the new variant of COVID-19 from getting even worse. This is because prevention is definitely better than cure for this particular situation. The citizens of many countries would not want to experience any lockdown again in their own daily lives. Some serious actions also have been strictly taken recently by the government of this country that is Malaysia.

It is to make sure that the new variant of COVID-19 does not get any worse here. One of the most important actions taken by them would definitely be to monitor and to make sure the travelers that enter Malaysia would not carry the new variant into the country. Starting on the 13th of January 2022, all travelers arriving in Malaysia with a history of COVID-19 infection must comply with all of the latest regulations on entry procedures into the particular country.

These are some of the important procedures:

  1. Travelers must be completely vaccinated and they must have proof showing that they have received them.
  2. Proof that they get infected with COVID-19 within the period of 11 to 60 days before they took off to Malaysia, through printed or digital laboratory test results.
  3. Travelers who have a history of hospitalization due to COVID-19 infection must submit a ‘Fit To Travel’ letter from the medical practitioner at the hospital concerned.
  4. Those who are not admitted to the hospital, need to undergo a professional RTK-Ag screening test 2 days before departure. Only allowed to take off if the screening test result is negative.

It is actually so important for travelers to undergo the RTK-Ag screening test in front of a health worker once they have arrived in Malaysia. Let us follow these latest regulations on the procedure for entry into Malaysia so that there would be no serious cases of the new variant of COVID-19 in this particular country.

Sources: Twitter Ministry of Health Malaysia.

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