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‘Unboxing Wife’ Trend? This Is What Newlyweds Should Know To Avoid It

Recently, several videos became the latest trend for newlyweds at TikTok. So much so that, it has become a trend among women, especially those who wear headscarves (tudung).

The trend called ‘unboxing wife’ shows the newlyweds still wearing the wedding dress in front of the mirror while the husband opens the accessories on the bride’s head little by little.

Although it looks normal from a rough view, it can actually affect the imagination if watched by teenagers and children.

Since it became a trend, many citizens gave various reactions to such action.

Through a post by the Jabatan Agama Islam Perak on Facebook, there are four important things that newlyweds must remember to avoid the trend, namely:

  • It is OBLIGATORY (WAJIB) for the husband to preserve and protect the honor and dignity of himself and his wife.
  • Husband and wife’s happiness is a good practice but it should not be shown, let alone if it violates the limits of Islamic law.
  • The act of ‘unboxing wife’ is not Islamic teaching as it is the beginning of sin and invites slander.
  • The prohibition of ‘unboxing wife’ is based on the Sadd al-Zarai method, which is to cover up the cause of badness (keburukan).

Sources: Jabatan Agama Islam Perak

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