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(Video) Always Check What You Eat! These 4 Foods Make Your Breath Smell

Eating a particular favorite food might be one of the best experiences that anyone in this whole wide world has ever experienced in their own life. This is because favorite foods could bring joy and also may ignite sweet memories for the people who eat them. Although they bring joy to some, other people might suffer from all of their favorite foods.

The suffering that is mentioned would be that the bad smell of breath that other people have to face when they are talking to the people that have eaten their favorite foods. Not all but some foods could be the reason why your breath smells so badly. That is why you always have to check what you eat so that you could wash your mouth if it smells.

@drweijian 4 foods that make your breath smell 🤭 #tiktokguru #learnontiktok #jombelajar #badbreath #dentist ♬ yung fazo sofaygo adding – Jacob Crain

These are 4 foods that can make your breath smell:

1) Protein Shakes

Taking an excessive amount of protein shakes can lead to bad breath, thanks to the body producing ammonia while breaking it down during the digestive process. The odor ends up escaping through your mouth.

2) Coffee

Coffee contains sulfuric and acidic compounds which can cause coffee breath. Since it inhibits the production of saliva, coffee has a drying effect on your mouth. Without saliva to wash them away, bacteria can cause malodorous compounds to form, worsening coffee breath.

3) Spicy Food

Lots of spicy foods, including chiles, peppers, and spices, can give you bad breath.

4) Garlic And Onions

Onions and garlic are members of the allium family. They’re similar in composition and contain many of the same sulfur compounds. Sulfur compounds give foods their distinctive flavor. They also release distinctive gasses when cut or mashed and mingle with gas-emitting bacteria, causing scented breath.

Sources: TikTok drweijian.

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