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(Video) Business Owners, This Is How To Sell Your Products Inside Gas Stations

For business owners all over the world, they would definitely do anything that they can so that their business would grow bigger and eventually be known by a lot of people. This action is especially done by various small business owners because they really wanted to make the brand to be more knowable and more successful. A great effort to do.

One of the places that small business owners could place their products is none other than the gas stations. Little did many people know, gas stations have been used by many business owners to promote their products and achieve the boost that they need in their businesses. With only a few simple steps to do, small business owners can start doing it.

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Important things that small business owners need to know when putting products in gas stations:

  1. No fees would be charged for small business owners to put their products in gas stations.
  2. Just ask the supervisor of the gas stations whether you can put your products there or not.
  3. For Petronas, you might need to bring these documents:
    • 3 pages of SSM,
    • Copy of Identification Card,
    • Typhoid certificate,
    • Food handling certificate.
  4. For beverages, you have to ask for the HQ of the gas station’s permission.

Sources: TikTok maliniidris1.

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