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(Video) Flood Aids That Can Be Received By Affected Families In Malaysia

The devastating flood situation that has happened here in this country that is Malaysia has really badly affected a lot of people from so many different perspectives. In the majority, many people would definitely be affected financially. Due to that particular situation, the government has tried its hardest to assist the situation so that they could help to ease the burden of Malaysia’s citizens. For those who might not know, these are types of aids that you guys can get.

In specific, the government has allocated more than RM1.4 billion through an alternative that is called the Malaysian Family Flood Aid. These would include cash assistance, 0% financing, and also vouchers to repair the damaged vehicles and to help the affected people rebuild their lives immediately, for the well-being of all Malaysian families.

Here is the list of financial aid that can be received by the affected families:

1) Cash Aid

The government and also related agencies have agreed to provide cash aid to reduce the burden faced by the victims that are badly affected by the flood situation.

  • Bantuan Wang Ihsan Seisi Rumah (RM1,000)
  • Bil Elektrik Bagi Pengguna Domestik (100% Rebate)
  • Pembelian Peralatan Elektrik (RM500 Rebate)
  • Sumbangan Pembelian Barangan Keperluan Asas (RM2,500)
  • Baucar Diskaun Automotif Keluarga Malaysia – PERODUA
    • Upah Kerja Pembaikan (Free)
    • Kos Alat Ganti (50% Discount)
  • Baucar Diskaun Automotif Keluarga Malaysia – PROTON
    • Kos Alat Ganti Kenderaan (50% Discount)
  • Baucar Diskaun Automotif Keluarga Malaysia
    • Pembaikan Kenderaan Oleh Syarikat Lain (Discount)
  • Bantuan Kematian Wang Ihsan (RM10,000)

2) Funding

Various funding assistance at 0% and also a moratorium for 6 months have been provided for all the flood victims that are affected to restore their lives immediately.

  • Bantuan Pinjaman Akibat Banjir (Moratorium)
  • Kemudahan Pinjaman Untuk PKS (RM7000,000)
  • Kemudahan Pinjaman Perusahaan Mikro (RM150,000)
  • Bantuan Pinjaman MyRinggit i-Banjir (RM10,000)
  • Pinjaman Pemulihan Banjir (Up To RM100,000)

3) Community Assistance

Provision of so many basic necessities assistance as well as additional manpower by the Government and its agencies for flood rehabilitation works.

  • Bantuan Daripada GLC/GLIC (GDRN)
  • Kerja-Kerja Pemulihan (Penambahan Sumber Tenaga)
  • Pembersihan Dan Pembaikan Rumah (RM5,000)
  • Pembinaan Semula Rumah Yang Mengalami Kerosakan Serius (Up To RM56,000) 

For more information, you can easily visit their website at

Sources: Facebook Tengku Zafrul, Bantuan Banjir.

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