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(Video) India’s Most Notorious Haunted Site, Known As The ‘Bhangarh Fort’

The Bhangarh Fort is actually a 17th-century fort built in the Rajasthan state of India. It was built by Bhagwant Das for his younger son Madho Singh. It stands tall, unbeaten, and grim. While it was once a really grand architectural marvel built by local ruler Raja Bhagwant Das today, the particular sprawling fort and its immediate premises are known as the most haunted site in India. It was home to temples and a palace before it was mysteriously abandoned out of nowhere. Why people left this fort is unknown It is indeed a very haunted fort to be visited by many people.

It is believed that over 10,000 people used to reside in Bhangarh Fort before it was allegedly deserted overnight. Spooky. Standing in ruins, this 400-year-old grand edifice and the spread town around it owe their present state to the pitiful Bhangarh Fort story that sealed its ill fate. Even though visitors are no longer allowed after dark, those who are actually brave enough can still visit it during the day. People who love haunted buildings would love to visit.

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Bhangarh Fort’s ruins today include several impressive structures, including several temples, public chambers, and also the royal palace. While its primary gate is mostly dilapidated, the complex’s other points of entry are mostly intact. Upon the entrance, visitors that have the courage to come will stumble into a variety of temples, including a Hanuman temple, a Ganesh temple, and a Someshwar temple. These structures, adorned with intricate carvings and sculptures, are proof that Bhangarh is worth visiting for not just the spooks. It really has amazing architecture to see.

According to one version, a local ascetic, who insisted that no house in the vicinity should cast a shadow on his home, cursed the fort after the grand structure and its shadow overpowered his property. Another local legend tells of a black magician or evil saint who fell in love with a princess from the fort town and attempted to use a love potion to win her affection. However, the princess dodged his moves by flinging the potion onto a boulder, which then rolled down toward the magician, physically crushing him. Before taking his final breath, he cursed the fort, saying it would end up in a state in which no one could live as it is today. That may be the reason why Bhangarh Fort looks so scary.

What is widely accepted as true is that a few fatal accidents have taken place in the fort in the past, mostly involving tourists, which prompted the Archaeological Survey of India to post its sign prohibiting visitors between sunset and sunrise. Also, spending full nights in the haunted fort is still an adventure people partake in almost too frequently.

Sources: TikTok ghostsamongus, Thomas Cook.

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