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(Video) Located In Northwest Tehran, The Biggest Shopping Mall In The World

Day by day, there are increasing numbers of magnificent buildings that have been built in this whole wide world. This innovation could happen thanks to all of the modern technologies that are available nowadays. For those who might not know, there is actually one building that got labeled as the biggest shopping mall in the world and that is actually the ‘Iran Mall’ and it is located in the northwest area of Tehran, Iran and also by Chitgar Lake. So amazing.

Other than that, it is also recognized as one of the known largest cultural, commercial, and also social projects worldwide. This ‘Iran Mall’ has been designed on land with the size of 317,000 square meters and magnificently built with seven floors in it. The original idea of building this ‘Iran Mall’ came from the famous Iranian entrepreneur is none other than Ali Ansari. In addition, he has been the chief executive responsible for constructing the ‘Iran Mall’.

For the inside and content of this particular building, 31 percent of it is provided to the public and recreational areas, the other 18 percent is built for the use of cultural facilities, the other 24 percent of the ‘Iran Mall’ is actually used as commercial spaces. With the mall being so big, 19 percent of it is used for parking, and also 5 percent for the hotel.

Amazingly, the ‘Iran Mall’ has been recognized in the Guinness World Records. According to their own record, the longest continuous concrete pour has been successfully completed indeed in ‘Iran Mall’. This proud record for them has been able to be greatly achieved by them between the date of 1st March to the 6th of March in the year of 2018.

Sources: YouTube Bahador Hadizadeh, Atlas Obscura.

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