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(Video) ‘X-Men’ Original Plan, Hugh Jackman Was Not The First Choice As Wolverine

Without a doubt, X-Men is definitely one of the most memorable and also favored film series that usually features plots that have superheroes versus villains in it. Other than that, it would also focus on having mutants. X-Men originally appeared in a series of comic books created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby then published by Marvel Comics.

Little did many people know, there are indeed a lot of different castings that need to be done before they found the perfect actors to play the characters in the film series. One of the characters in the X-Men film series would be none other than Wolverine was famously played by Hugh Jackman. Before him, there were many different actors that got chosen to play Wolverine in the film series. That is why Hugh Jackman was almost not in the X-Men film series.

Other than Hugh Jackman, these are some other actors that got chosen to be Wolverine in the X-Men film series:

1) Dougray Scott

Initially, the character of Wolverine was offered to Dougray Scott and he had accepted the role as the shooting for his own project at that time that is Mission: Impossible 2 got delayed. After the production time for both X-Men and also Mission: Impossible 2 has started, Dougray Scott stated himself that the star of Mission: Impossible that would be TomCruise forced him to drop the role in X-Men. Even though Dougray Scott said that he will manage to do both of the roles at the same time, Tom Cruise still refused the specific idea. That is why we do not see him as Wolverine.

2) Russell Crowe

The story for this actor is quite different as Russell Crowe initially turned down the role. He decided to refuse the role because he did not want to be type-casted as someone who would always associate with wolves due to his character in the Gladiator movie. The character had featured lots of wolf symbols. At last, Hugh Jackman was chosen to be.

Up until today, we always would think that the perfect actor to play the Wolverine character in X-Men would be the one and only Hugh Jackman. Unfortunately, he decided that Logan was the last movie he would portray Wolverine.

Sources: YouTube Nerdstalgic, Hindustan Times.

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