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Kurta For Hari Raya Is A Famous Option, This Is The History Behind It


Many might not know about the history of a kurta. Originally, this famous piece of the outfit was usually associated with Punjab. According to the origin story, King Garib Niwaj of Manipur is the one who introduced it to the Assam.

Starting from that, now it has been worn in many regions of South Asia. First, many decided to choose this because of the comfort of wearing it. Next, it is also easy to wear and styled with various options of pants for a complete look.


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Back in time, this outfit was usually meant for men to wear. As time passes by, women have now also started to wear them. According to the Cultural India website, a kurta is known as a loose shirt that has a bit of a length. It usually falls below or even slightly above the knees. That is the reason why it becomes the choice of many people worldwide.

The word kurta originated from Urdu. It is actually a Hindustani language. Other than that, it has also got its name from the Sanskrit word which would be ‘kuratu’ or ‘kurtaka’. Famously can be seen worn in some countries such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Afghanistan, and also Nepal. There are indeed many types of kurta that are available.

Sources: Cultural India, My India My Glory.

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