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Manuscript Writing Café, Motivates Pressured Writers To Meet Deadline

There is certainly a unique café built in Tokyo. The name of it is actually the Manuscript Writing Café. This café is recognized as a one-of-a-kind café because of its service. For those who might not know, it motivates stress writers.

Specifically, it means that this café helps to motivate pressured writers. These writers are the writers that are really struggling to meet the tight deadline. Working so hard on it. Other than motivation, it also provides some assistance.

Manuscript Writing Café

Picture: NextShark

According to the OddityCentral website, the owner of the café has tweeted about it. The Tweet actually stated, “The Manuscript Writing Cafe only allows in people who have a writing deadline to face”. He also added, “It’s in order to maintain a level of focus and tense atmosphere at the cafe! Thank you for your understanding”.

Manuscript Writing Café

There are actually so many types of equipment that have been provided there for the writers. For example, the free Wi-Fi, USB ports, computer stands, and many more. Other than all of that, the writers also can bring their own thing that they want to bring. Like their own foods or even beverages. Last but not least, they can ask for deliveries there.

To make sure that the café does the job that they are good at, writers have to fill in some form before entering. At the reception desk, writers must state the number of words they plan to write and by what time they plan to finish. With strict supervision from the staff of the café, they will make sure that the writers achieve the got they have set.

One thing that really makes this café outstanding is that it would not allow the writers to get out. This is until the writers have finished the purpose that wrote in the form. With this, they surely would manage to finish it on time.

Sources: OddityCentral, Twitter, NextShark.

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