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Traditional Eid Dishes That Are Famous From All Over The World

Not many people know about it but there are variations of traditional Eid dishes to enjoy. Every country in this whole wide world would definitely have different dishes they serve during Hari Raya Aidilfitri. They look very delicious too.

Traditional dishes usually are made with the types of food that the people who live in the country love to eat. Other than that, it also has to be made from something that is available in the country itself. These are some of the dishes.

Traditional Eid Dishes

1) Cambaabur – Somalia

Picture: My Somali Food

Cambaabur can easily be known as the Somali Eid bread. It can be said that Eid would never be complete without having this as the main dish in Somalia. It is simply an African bread that is made with different spices. Cambaabur is indeed served with sprinkled sugar and also yogurt. Definitely, something that helps to enhance your own appetite.

2) Tajine – Morocco

traditional Eid dishes

Picture: The Spruce Eats

Some countries in the world prefer to have dishes that are made of meat for their Eid dishes. Not everyone serves sweet desserts for Eid. Tajine is an example of a meat dish. This dish usually uses meat such as beef or even lamb. The dish also uses fruits and vegetables like apricots and prunes. The description of the dish really sounds delicious.

3) Lokum – Turkey

Picture: Pinterest

This might be something that is quite common. Lokum is actually also known as ‘Turkish Delight’ by a lot of people. Usually got served in Turkey as one of the main Eid dishes. It looks so interesting on the table because of its many colors and also textures. Lokum is usually made from starch and sugar. The difference would be the fillings inside of them. The fillings can be nuts, dates, dried fruits, and many others. You will surely want to try these too if available.

4) Tufahija – Bosnia

traditional Eid dishes

Picture: International Cuisine

This dish is actually so delicious to the taste. It is made just by using apples that are boiled and then covered with sugar. The texture of it would be so soft. In addition, it also got filled with walnuts. That is why people love eating this for the Eid celebration. To make it more inviting to be eaten, it is served with syrup and whipped cream on top.

5) Beef Rendang – Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore

Picture: The Smart Slow Cooker

This is one of the staple dishes from Malay countries. It is made usually spicy but there are also some versions that are not spicy but taste delicious too. Rendang is usually made from coconut milk, beef, and also long-cooked spices.

Sources: KOMPAS.COM.

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