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Kobe Beef Croquettes In Japan That Take Years To Be Made

Kobe Beef Croquettes

Kobe Beef Croquettes is definitely the famous option from this Japanese butcher shop. The shop is called none other than Meat & Delicatessen Asahiya. The shop is located specifically in Takasago. It started operating in the year 1918.

One of the main things that are very well-known with this shop would be that people are willing to patiently wait for years or even decades to get the Kobe Beef Croquettes from the shop! It is such a high-demand item from the butcher shop itself. Even though with all the struggle that people have to wait just to have a taste of it, people still wanted it.

Picture: Find Your Japan

The price for it is actually pretty affordable for many people to buy. For a pack of five croquettes, you would have to pay 2,700 yen. That is similar to RM90.79 in Malaysia. That is why a lot of people would want to try and buy some.

One of the reasons that making this famous option takes so long to be made is because it has to go through such a laborious process. Plus, only the rarest and finest Kobe beef is used. Due to that, only 200 pieces are made per day.

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